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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Television as 'Cultural Center' in an Age of Audience Segmentation (Panel #22)

Panel Columnist: Horace Newcomb (University of Georgia)
Participants: David Marc (Syracuse University), Michael Kackman (University of Texas at Austin), David Thorburn (M.I.T.), Hollis Griffin (Northwestern University), Victoria Johnson (University of California—Irvine), Allen Larson (Pennsylvania State University)
Moderator: Tariq Elseewi (University of Texas at Austin)

Question: Where is the cultural center? With the segmentation of television programming and audiences, is there any form of broadly shared cultural experience such as that very imperfectly offered by 'network TV?'


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Here is my attempt at documenting the conversation ... just click here and you will be redirected. Thanks, Tim Anderson

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